About Melissa
Melissa (Marroquin) Favorite began her career as an illustrator at the age of six with a marker in hand and the vast canvas that was the back of the living room sofa.

A large family and the adventures they encountered gave Melissa a love for story telling that, combined with her developing skills, drew her to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, as well as the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul.

There, she acquired a BFA in Illustration, specializing in Children’s Books. Now, Melissa lives in Minneapolis with her husband Alex, their son Logan, and their delightful cat Luna.

Q: What materials do you use to make your artwork?

A: Watercolors are my favorite to work with. They are so loose and expressive, and they allow me to create a wide variety of moods. I also work with acrylics and digital painting. I am not picky and I like trying new things!

Q: How long does it take to paint one painting?

A: It depends. Some paintings are quick because they don't require a lot of layers or little details. Some paints take much longer. 

Q: You have a lot of animals in your work. Is this intentional?

A: Of course! Animals and humans have a lot in common, and animals have a lot to teach us. I like to use nature as a setting because ultimately that's where I like to spend most of my free time and gather a lot of inspiration. 

Q: Is your last name really Favorite? 

A: Yes. :)  Favorite is my husband's family name.